Grown by Sticky Soil

sat | THC: 23%
Peanut Butter Breath + Deadly Sativa
By Mass Medical Strains xΒ Thug Pug Genetics

desirable effects:
undesirable effects:
Strong flavors of Lemon, Gasoline, Pine, Haze, and Butter. This devastating sativa dominant hybrid is designed to take you to the darkest corners of your mind and promote anxiety for the purpose of self exploration. Racy sativa effects to the extreme, this is not for casual use or for lightweight smokers.
Extreme psycho-activity. A very high yielding strain, with super dense and frosty buds. Plants put on a colorful fade for the last few weeks. Vigorous and a 2.5 to 3x stretch is typical, with large buds filling out all the way to the bottom of the plant.
Description courtesy of seedfinder

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