The Secret Colors of Cannabis
Photographic catalogue of Ultraviolet-Induced Fluorescence in various Cannabis strains.
Photographs by Samuel Mitchell
Did you know...
secret colors are hidden all around us?
Hues once invisible to the human eye are revealed naturally occurring in many plants using special photographic techniques and ultraviolet light.
This optical phenomenon is known as AUTOfluorescence.​​​​
It comes as no surprise that Cannabis is hiding a spectrum of color.
THE SECRET COLORS OF CANNABIS™ is a living catalogue documenting fluorescence among various cannabis strains.

By shedding a new light on cannabis,
THE SECRET COLORS OF CANNABIS™ aims to showcase the miraculous unseen beauty of this magical plant, in an effort to deepen our appreciation and understanding with accurate information, as well as create new impressions that heal and disprove over a century’s worth of negative stigmas and wounded public perception.
24k GOLD
24k GOLD
Into the weeds...
THE SECRET COLORS OF CANNABIS™ vary widely depending on the strain; ranging from soft blues, to deep purples, and crimson reds.
Autofluorescence (primary fluorescence) is the fluorescence of naturally occurring substances, such as chlorophyll, collagen and fluorite. Most plant and animal tissues show some autofluorescence when excited with ultraviolet light.​​​​​​​
As the molecules settle down to a rest state, they re-emit the photons in a frequency of light that humans can see.
This color shift is due to many different chemical compounds within the plants. Flavonoids, along with Chlorophyll and the protein, Lignin are the primary drivers in plant auto-fluorescence.​​​​​​​
what are flavOnoids?
An umbrella term used to describe a collection of subgroups of chemical compounds, flavonoids are commonly responsible for carrying aromas, flavors, and pigments in plants, fruits, and vegetables.
autofluorescent Re-Emission
While the flavonoids and compounds found in cannabis most commonly reflect the green, yellow, orange, and occasional violet colors we usually see, it’s a totally different story under black light. The red hues are due to the concentration of chlorophyll. Lignin is responsible for blue hues, and the specks of bright white are most commonly due to THC within the plant's trichome heads.​​​​​​​
The Secret Colors of Cannabis™
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The information presented in this project is based on current research and understanding of the subject at the time of creation. However, it is important to note that this information is not exhaustive and may not be completely accurate. Further research is necessary to confirm and expand upon the findings presented here. This project should not be taken as definitive or comprehensive, and should not be used as the sole basis for any decisions or actions.
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